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Geodata@Wisconsin is developed and maintained by the Wisconsin State Cartographer’s Office in conjunction with the Arthur H. Robinson Map Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This site would not exist without the generous support of the many Wisconsin organizations who share geospatial data with the University for inclusion in the geoportal.

We would like to formally acknowledge the following organizations and people for supporting, partnering with, contributing to, or advocating for GeoData@Wisconsin:

  • University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Geography
  • University of Wisconsin Sea Grant
  • University of Wisconsin Digital Collections
  • Wisconsin Department of Administration – Land Information Program
  • Wisconsin Legislative Technology Services Bureau – GIS Services
  • Wisconsin Land Information Association
  • Wisconsin Land Information Officer’s Network
  • WisconsinView
  • Michael Berkowski - Infrastructure
  • Eric Larson – GeoBlacklight development
  • Karen Majewicz – Metadata support

Partial funding support for GeoData@Wisconsin development was provided to the University of Wisconsin-Madison by the Wisconsin Coastal Management Program, award AD199124-020.13.